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Anushruti Singh

Managing Director

Ms. Anushruti is the Board Member and Managing Director of the diversified research company “Nimble Research Pvt. Ltd.” .Anushruti has ability of turning adversity into opportunity and her prime focus lies on strategic & multi-country research in India, Asia and developing markets! Knowing both, the Western & Asian markets, she identifies synergies and challenges for global campaigns, brand positioning and strategies! A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful managing director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. Experienced leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organization. Possessing Exemplary communications and interpersonal skills to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders; strong believer in motivating and developing team to maximum productivity and control costs through the most effective uses of manpower and available resources and time management. Under her leadership Nimble has executed numerous projects at large scale covering more than 20 cities for India’s leading OEMs like Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, SAIC, LIC etc.

Parishkriti Singh-Research Analyst

B.Tech in CSC (Jaipur University), SPSS Expert, 4+ Year Experience

Researcher by heart, she specialises in cross-method qualitative & quantitative designs with focus on brand diagnostics, explorative, evaluative, Consumer Index & Product developmental research. Parishkriti delivers market intelligence, competitive analysis, panel data & tracking and strategy. She is monitoring and forecasting  marketing and sales trends by using statistical techniques and software. Master in determining potential markets, product demand, and pricing. Easily managing  Multiple Projects with Quick Turnaround and also passionate and knowledgeable, Strong Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills about strategic analysis and deliver the research into Concise and Actionable Recommendation which helps in key business decisions. She is monitoring the global trends at macro & micro level across Industry to offer best insights to clients during research activity.

Himashree  Basumatari - Operation Executive

MBA in Finance & HR – Delhi Univ., 3+ Year Experience

With her background in Finance & HR, Hima is specialised in SEC A, A+ and leading edge target groups, as well as experts and senior professionals in demographic , economic & consumer index research ! Good experience in managing the qualitative as well as quantitative research to adhere the timelines on the client and also manages the key performance indicators at the highest level. She interacts with consumer directly to ensure that ground reality of market situation, products & technologies reaches to board room of clients with in-depth insights.


10 years of experience in recruitment, Sunil is specialized in recruiting pan-India with focus on the middle to lower middle class! And he knows how to identify false respondents!  He has worked for TNS India for more than 8 years and Specialized in recruiting niche target groups, social media and online. He is Master in assessing customer preferences, evaluating competition and monitoring staff or customer satisfaction. Formulating operational strategies and objectives to ensure the organization meets its goals and operates successfully is his main goal. He is a dedicated manager who believes in a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. He is leading dedicated research operation team of more than 15 members across India for smooth field work.

Sunil Semwal – Operation Manager

Graduate in B.Sc , 11+ Year Experience

Pinky Goyat – Data Analytics

B.tech in Computer Science, 3+ Year Experience

Understanding market dynamics is her expertise that she now has merged with his passion of consumer understanding in quantitative research. She is responsible for data quality check, moderation & analysis. Specialized in monitoring performance and quality control plans to identify improvements and also having knowledge in SQL and advanced excel for better analysis of data

Prageet Sogani – Board Member & Advisor

14 + Year Experience

Mr. Prageet Sogani is one of the founding board members & Research Advisor of the diversified research company “Nimble Research Pvt. Ltd.”. He is well known in the Industry, has the uncanny knack of staying ahead of the curve and the foresight to spot opportunities that seem invisible on the horizon for the others. Over 15 Years of experience in financial analysis of mortgage industry and his skills in monitoring and creating financial models for decision support and to  Improve financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management, assist with annual and quarterly forecasting, perform financial forecasting, reporting, and operational metrics tracking is his field of expertise. Identifying and driving process improvements, including creation of standard and ad-hoc reports, tools and Excel dashboards and played vital role in Increasing productivity by developing automated reporting/forecasting tools. His strong financial analysis foundation and proficiency in Microsoft excel made him the master in making recommendations and improvements. He is an Independent Director on the board of other reputed companies.

Mangala Rani – Research Advisor

BA hons. & MA(Gold Medalist),Ph.D &  D.litt. (Patna University) 28 + Year Experience

Mrs. Mangala Rani, the Group Head for Corporate Affairs, is the official spokesperson for the Nimble Research Pvt. Ltd.. She has more than 28 years of experience in various spheres of the services industry & Academia Institution, of which 10 years has been spent  in handling various public issues, mergers, monitoring performance of various departments, liaising with regulatory bodies and outside agencies. Her many research reports have been published and presented on an International forum such as, Tashkent, Hongkong, Indonesia, etc. She is also serving as Counselor of Indira Gandhi Open University and has been Awarded as “ Manad Upadhi  Acharya, Gemini Academy, Panipat ” , “Mahakavi  Prabhat Samman- Prabhat Research Foundation” , “Vishwa Hindi Sevi Samman-Hongkong”, “Thakur Pyaare Lal Singh Samman-Indonesia”. Her many research report is getting published weekly in leading newspapers & magazine. She is continuously participating in Radio Station & Doordarshan on various articles of socio-economic issues.

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